Any Lease2GO customer will enjoy our two guarantees – a ‘drive-off guarantee’ and ‘protection guarantee’. 

Drive-off guarantee

At Lease2Go you can be on your way driving within a short space of time. What’s more, we offer a drive-off guarantee to ensure you get on your way without any problems. Along with checking that each of our cars’ tyre is properly inflated and topping up with screenwash for you, our operatives will confirm that the gearbox oil and air filter are in good condition, ready for an immediate drive. Vehicle coolant, brake and steering fluids, oil levels and oil filters are all checked over, as well. So, you can drive away with complete peace of mind safe in the knowledge that your lease car is good to go from the very start.

Our service standard is higher than industry standard, which includes:

Tyres pumped up to correct pressure

Check the gearbox oil, and change if required

Check the air filter condition, and change if required

Check the oil filter condition, and change if required

Windscreen washer fluid topped up for washing your windscreen while driving

Check oil level, and change oil every 10,000km or 12 months(whichever comes first)

Check brake and steering fluids, and top up if required

Vehicle coolant checked and topped up if required

Check battery condition

Protection guarantee

A full mechanical warranty is included within any of our lease packages. Whether you are seeking a six-month lease term or a twenty-four month one, the car’s engine and mechanical functions are completely covered. This means that we will schedule in any servicing that might be required over the term of the lease and provide you with a courtesy car to cover the period of any repair. In fact, the only things you aren’t covered for are the usual wear and tear on tyres and problems that are caused due to accidental damage. Finally, it is worth mentioning that we also offer free parking services. If you need to leave your car for a period in the Auckland area, then you can do so without charge in our vehicle yard. This makes for an extremely flexible service for those leaseholders who are perhaps entering and leaving the country on a frequent basis.

Protection guarantee includes:

Free mechanic maintenance and repair* for the vehicle during the entire lease term

Scheduled vehicle servicing

Grant a courtesy vehicle when the original leased vehicle is under repair*

Temporary car parking - You can park your vehicle in a Lease2GO yard for free during you are temporary leave from Auckland/NZ

*Free mechanic maintenance and repair is for consumer only, and it does not include replacement tyres and any damage caused by accident.

*To qualify, the vehicle will need to be off the road for at least 24 hours due to mechanical repair.